Semper Florens I

Semper Florens I

Size 190mm X 135mm
Machine Epson Sure Color P9500
Ink Ultra Chrome Pro 12 inks
Paper Fine-Art Ultra Smooth 250gsm
Edition 22 signed and numbered by the artist


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‘Semper Florens’ is a new series that captures the beauty, the joy of nature and the longevity of life.
Flowers, and orchids in particular, have a special place in my life.
They are not only the symbol of the above but also the flower that colours my favourite city.
Medellin, the city of eternal spring.
The past year has had its ups and downs.
Now I just want to look forward and celebrate what life has to offer.
The darkness is finally gone and I am happy that we can start the new year on such a positive note.
Thank you for always believing in me and supporting me through good and bad.
You are wonderful people, my followers and I am very grateful for that. ✨
Semper florens ? Vivat, crescat, floreat!
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